We’re DIRT.

A market research firm specializing in niche, tactical market research for small to medium sized businesses. 


Our Mission

Our goal is to help small to medium sized businesses use customer, industry, and competitive research to uncover actionable insights and identify real tactics they can begin testing and implementing on immediately.

We help agencies help their clients
We provide custom research for clients
We publish research on our favorite topics, because why not?

Our Story

DIRT was founded by two friends and former co-workers who’ve spent a collective 20+ years advising businesses on how to attract more customers, increase revenue, improve profitability, etc, etc.

We’ve worked at some of the biggest corporations in the world and some of the smallest mom-and-pops you’ve never heard of. We’ve even started a business or two…or three?

With experience in every stage and size of business across just about every industry, we were both looking for a place to dump all of this acquired knowledge and the new knowledge we continue to gain. We searched far and wide, traveled miles upon miles before taking a moment to glance down at the ground beneath our feet. Welcome to DIRT.

Frank McDade


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite Research Methodology: Workshops, Focus Groups, Secret Shoppers

Strengths: Product Development, Digital Integration, Short Copy Riddled With Grammatical Errors, Branding Anything Well But Himself

Industry Interests: Toys, Consumer Technology, Entertainment, Arts & Crafts, Cats

Tanya Ferrell


Location: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite Research Methodology: Surveys, Interviews, Research Panels

Strengths: Strategic & Tactical Planning, Digital Marketing, Long-rambling Content, Unnecessary Analogies 

Industry Interests: Apparel, Manufacturing, Publishing, Beverage & Food